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October 2019 Program - FULL day with Dr. Marco Brindis.

The program will be divided to morning and afternoon. This all -day program is for the WHOLE office team!

“A Hopeless Tooth Is Not a Useless Tooth: Applications and Technique for Orthodontic Extrusion”

This course will address the indications and considerations for orthodontic extrusion and other complex orthodontic movements in the aesthetic zone in preparation for implant rehabilitation avoiding undesirable periodontal amputation that occurs following tooth loss. Participants will learn the proper treatment sequence and step-by-step technique.

“Material Selection for the Everyday Implant Dentist: What, When, and How. Where We Are and Where We Are Going”

This course provides valuable information to make the best clinical decision in your everyday practice. The following topics will be covered:

- Restorations: additive vs retentive

- Evidence-based ceramic material selection

- Implant abutment material selection: The three levels of interest

- Cements: Optimize your clinical results

- Cementation protocol for implant-supported crowns

- Indications and Contraindications

- Clinical Applications

- New generation of monolithic ceramic materials

- New bonding protocols for the new generation of ceramic materials

- The new generation of ceramics for veneer restorations

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